Thursday, October 3, 2013

Karl Springer Chinese Console Redo

Karl Springer Chinese Style Console Covered in Basket Weave Linen Gets a Face Lift.

I recently refinished a Chinese style console table that was in a very poor condition.  My first thought was to strip the console and recover it.  After close examination, I decided that removing the old linen would cause more harm then good.  Instead I opted to repair the linen, then repaint and antique.  I wish  I had thought to take before pictures.  All I can say is it was bad!  All four legs had cuts and dings; the top had rings where heavy items had sat for so long that when they where removed, it took the paint off.  The color was a very dark cinnabar with a black antiquing.  Unfortunately the antiquing was so dark that it masked the cinnabar color.  The table now sports a Caribbean color as it is destined for the Florida Keys.

Chinese Console in Basket Weave Linen
Sporting Its New Color - Caribbean Blue

I will be sure and post more photos of this table once it is placed in its new home, and I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, it was such a gray day.  

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