Bringing Back “What is Good, What is Beautiful, What is Useful, What is Lasting”
My years as a Karl Springer Artisan left an indelible imprint. Necessity kept me away from the furniture design world while raising a family, but recently I retired from a successful career and felt compelled to return to the work I loved. You know what they say “once an artist, always an artist”. It gets in your blood.

Having kept fairly current with furniture design, I was aware of the resurgence in collecting unique Karl Springer pieces and decided to return to creating furniture pieces that are an object of extraordinary luxury and workmanship.

Inspired by iconic Karl Springer classic furniture pieces from the past, my goal was to create and finish small tables and boxes in the Karl Springer style of wrapping them with various coverings such as exotic hides, snakeskin, or fabric. I had acquired this unique skill while working as a custom furniture artisan in the Karl Springer workshop during the 70’s and 80’s.

I began creating my own pieces, and in 2010, I started my own company, Johnson3 LLC. The items displayed on my website are a representation of my work.  I do custom order work and enjoy creating art pieces based on a sketch or concept. I will work with an existing piece or have your design brought to life, and finished in my studio.  I obtain hides and fabric through a network of suppliers all over the world to use in my work.  I can also use exotic skins and fabrics supplied by the interior designer for custom work.

Every time I complete a piece of furniture, I take pleasure in knowing that “the art” of covering objects in exotic materials is not lost and happily have been enjoying
creating designs and accessories that are a tribute to those years of incredible Karl Springer design.

"Innovation is often the ability to reach into the
past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful,
what is useful, what is lasting."   Sister Parish

Eileen Johnson
Johnson3 LLC

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