Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Marilyn in Malachite

The Hourglass Table, I call it my Marilyn Table (after Marilyn Monroe and her hourglass figure).

I love using this beautiful Robert Allen, for Dwell Studio, malachite print fabric on this table.  The hourglass style has a lot of surface area which really helps to show off the pattern play of this fabric.

A word on the hourglass design, it's been around forever, but lately its been showing up everywhere.  My first encounter with this style was back in the 70's at the Karl Springer workshop. This table style lends itself to ample surface for showing off rugged leathers or snakeskin, which is what was in the offering back then. In fact, an hourglass table, covered in leather, is pictured in Karl Springer's Gramercy Park townhouse, Architectural Digest, January 1977.

Karl Springer's sitting/guest room, circa 1977.  Wow!
 Looks so current, proving that good design never goes out of style!

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